The year is 1992, I was suddenly plonked into the fast paced, high expectation, daunting High school world, from the security of Primary school.  We had six hours and approximately eight subjects to get through a day.  One of those subjects was Secretarial digital-nativeStudies, where we used Electronic Typewriters to learn touch typing directly onto paper.

Within a year my school purchased approximately six PCs to be used for computer based subjects only.  We learnt to use the programs Paint, and Word Pad. As years passed the internet was finally introduced, in my senior year, our exposure to the digital world was swift and scary. The ‘father of the internet’, Tim Berners-Lee (2003), reflected  “There was a time when people felt tTim Berners Leehe internet was another world, but now people realise it’s a tool that we use in this world.” The digital world is infinite and perpetually developing, making the recent past seem like ancient history.

According to Prensky (2001) there is a shorter span today between learning and meaningful action.  I can date, shop or begin a University Degree all from my lounge room.  Teachers and students benefit from a sense of community and access to broad sources, resources and materials, that weren’t available before this ‘digital world’ evolved.


Due to the ever increasing and changing role technology has on everyday living, and in the most, seemingly, minute and expansive ways, educators must have fresh knowledge of the trends surrounding them. Eady & Lockyer (2013) describe technology as a resource that teachers use to help facilitate a student’s learning.  It has always been around in one form or another, harnessing the changes is what is essential to educators.

This video is of an amusing segment on the Ellen Degenerous show, demonstrating just how far we’ve, recently, progressed:

A sneak peak into the future classroom:

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