As a future educator, it is guaranteed, that online media and resources will be used every day in my classroom due to the increasing need to participate in the digital world, though digital curation doesn’t have a solid meaning.   digital-curation - CopyStudents and teachers alike will have a gamut of information at their fingertips, however, as with anything, there will be reliable but, also, substandard information out there.  Using digital curation siphons the quality of information and content available for immediate reliable use (Flintoff, et al., 2014).

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An increasingly popular site to use for information and to curate is  In 2013, Johnson discovered collates work from online publications into a magazine format, giving an effective visual impact.  Both powerful and flexible in its incorporation of multiple, familiar, social media tools, also, being mobile via apps across a range of



mobile peripherals.  A student can pick up their mobile and access the app to research topics relevant to their class lessons, becoming a digital citizen and lifelong learner simultaneously.


I have been reading and skimming through many blogs and articles on digital curation, and by far is the most commonly used, though there are many more available that serve different purposes, that and have different formats and tools.



Pinterest is another very popular site, a virtual pin-board for sharing information, that is user-friendly, and I have personally used for a couple of years on and off, without realising I was curating information as I was using it.  Ellen Verbakel (2013) describes digital curation as the preserving of data once it has been created for future reuse.
The benefits of digital curation, especially for education, means there is a digital library to access twenty-four-seven, and knowledge to share worldwide.  As a new university student, I am finding curation to be incredibly valuable for my assessments; I can go straight to the source without sifting through the lesser-quality sites.

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Below is a short collaboration of scholars who give their definition on digital curation and its meaning:



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